A Renaissance inspired RPG. This project is discontinued.

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Challenging Turn-based Combat

Command your mercenary company in intricate, isometric, tactical battles. Witness how your choices in the game’s narrative are interwoven with your tactical maneuverability. Use guile and strategy as you customize your squad of heroes picked from among more than 20 fully realized playable characters.

An Immersive Story With Multiple Endings

Step into the bloodstained cuirass of mercenary captain siblings Remo and Valeria and join them on their quest for vengeance and vindication. Traverse the city-states and groom your relationships with different factions and characters in an interactive story that depends entirely on your choices on and off the battlefield.

DaVincipunk Meets Southern Vibes

Savor the game’s original Rennaissance X Fantasy art-style, in a blend of 2D and 3D that has been crafted with love and care. Experience a visual journey inspired by the imagination of Leonardo Da Vinci and the colorful paintings of the Rennaissance. Treat your ears with the homemade interactive sound design, rich with southern vibes from Tango to Flamenco.

Swashbuckling Legionnaires and Ingenious Grenadiers

Cultivate an unmatchable squad of mercenaries from six distinct core classes, with two subclasses each. Unravel the delicate entity that is the human mind as an intricate Shapemage, withstand the onslaught of steel and gunpowder as an impervious Guardian and dine on the souls of fallen enemies as a gruesome Prodigy.

A Tour of the City-states of Corsano

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